Monday, December 15, 2008

dwho writes he books i mean really?

There were scribes in egypt just like in Meso and they were really good at writing in pictures and stuff. they trained all there life which woulb be really boring but its not like they have much fun anyways i mean no skateboards? come on! But they were the people to make copies of the book of the dead which would take forever im guessing but then i wasn't there

why a feather?

In the weighing of the hearts cerimony your heart is weighed against a feather becaus feathers weigh like nothing. But thats not the point, they use a feather because they think if you do bad things then your heart will get heavy and the scale will go down and you will not make it in so make sure your good and stuff or your heart will get all heavy and you wont get in. Bumer.

what so great about Osiris?

Osiris is the god og underworld... and farming, i thought that was kind of funny but anyways he abolished canibalism, tought people how to farm better, he established laws and he started the colt of the gods by building the first temples and other stuff. Ya i know, he is the bomb.


When you die you are given the book of spells for the afterlife and if you get past the heart thing then you might want to use them against all the scary demons and stuff that are down there. There are about 180 something spells in the book and once you use them all you might want to watch out.

heavy heart

when you die you go to the underworld and your heart is weighed against a feather so Osiris can see if you were bad. If you were then you get eaten by a lion hipo thing with hair, I know scary right? But if your heart is not to heavy you will live on in the underworld.

what will happen to you iff your heart is to heavy?

why was a heart weighed against a feather?

what are areas of improvement for this blog?

what are areas of strength for this blog?